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bitchcoin crypto

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Six years later, the artist migrated Bitchcoin from its native chain to Ethereum, releasing reserved Bitchcoins backed by art from her seminal Cloud of Petals. Presenting Bitchcoin, an art-backed crypto-currency. 5. 4. 12 BITCHCOIN crypto c/o " %. 8 votes´┐ŻFinal results. The young artist (and Wharton Business School grad) launched Bitchcoin at a gallery show where visitors could drop Bitchcoin crypto art will.
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Injecting human subjectivity into the equation, the workers set aside the one petal per rose they considered most beautiful, creating a taxonomy of individual aesthetic value. Since its inception, each Bitchcoin is minted as an ERC token and is now backed by one of the 3, pressed rose petals from Meyohas' performance, Cloud of Petals. This number links each token to its unique petal.