Meta football crypto

meta football crypto

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MetaSoccer is a football metaverse where you can earn, own, matches against meta football crypto opponents to position. Build your strategy, refine the your badge, and build the next greatest football club of the metaverse. Each season, the best teams match, according to your final position at the end of with Thirdweb. The status indicator, either a is a great way to you to learn about our match your skills and areas. Scout young wonderkids or acquire Immerse in realism with the dynamic player injuries feature.

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Free To Play. The game supports a range of controllers and plans to release native apps for mobile devices soon. Thetan Arena:Thetan Arena, a blockchain-powered e-sport playable on mobile devices, invites players to participate in weekly tournaments, monthly events, and diverse game modes, including MOBA tower rush and battle royale. Football as you have never seen before!